Testimonials about Arpaia Fine Jewelry and Kimberly Marie Arpaia, Designer

What our clients say about

Arpaia Fine Jewelry


"Kimberly Arpaia has a fine eye for beautiful things and an innovative talent for improving on natural beauty.  Her creations of gold, crystals and estate gems are not only exquisite to behold but make the wearer feel enveloped in richness." 

Phyllis Provost McNeil, Cheshire, Connecticut, Jewelry Business Owner & owner of several Arpaia pieces


"I consider myself blessed to have discovered Kim and her innovative and gorgeous jewelry desings.  She works only with the finest materials; precious stones, gold and silver.  When I wear one of her designs, I always receive numerous compliments.  Kim listens to her customers and wants to design pieces that work with her customer's lifestyle.  She is a joy to work with.  I strongly recommend you purchase one of her unique and affordable pieces.  I guarantee you will be addicted as I am."

Elizabeth McClelland, CFP, Vice President- Investments, Hamden, CT



"I am privileged to own several pieces of Arpaia Fine Jewelry.  Each piece is uniquely beautiful and handcrafted with the finest materials.  Despite their intrinsically ornate design, Arpaia jewelry pieces fabulously accent outfits from the most casual to the most elegant.  Putting on a piece of Arpaia Fine Jewelry transforms a look from ordinary to extraordinary!  I wish every woman could be blessed enough to own such a treasure!" 

Susan A. Connors, Esq., Old Lyme, CT


"Designer Kimberly Arpaia is one of the finest, most ingenious and gifted new jewelers I've encountered.  Her designs are reflective of the passion and craftsmanshp that goes into each unique piece.  Selecting only the finest quality gemstones, crystals and precious metals, she weaves them into timeless works of art.  A necklace from her Empress Collection can transform a simple black suit into elegant evening attire.  Arpaia Fine Jewelry is where quality and romance combine to create something magical just for you."

 Mary Ann Connors, Esq., Cromwell, CT



"I will never forget the first time I saw Arpaia Fine Jewelry, I was in love!  Every piece took my breath away!  While some pieces are sweet and delicate and others strong and bold, they all are quite unique.  I particularly enjoy the playfulness of the pieces and how comfortable they are to wear.  Recently, I came across a photo of a holiday party from last year.  In the photo, I was wearing a bracelet and earrings from the Arpaia Fine Jewelry Collection.  I even love looking at it in photos!"

Diane Goclowski


"Kim's jewelry is exquisite! I am lucky enough to own a couple of pieces; each is made of the finest quality metal and stones, and many of her pieces are one of a kind. The workmanship that goes into each piece is that of a true artisan.  Every time I wear my blue swarovski stone and sterling 30" necklace I get so many compliments.  I'm anxiously awaiting the newest line, I'm sure it will be outstanding!"

Deb F., New Haven
, CT


"Kimberly Marie Arpaia is a very talented designer and maker of fine jewelry.  Her designs are beautiful, unique, affordable and very wearable.  Whenever I wear any of her pieces, I receive many compliments; all want to know where it was purchased.  Kimberly is also a wonderful person who stands behind her products and it is a joy to deal with her.  If you would like a special necklace, bracelet, earrings, Kimberly is the person to call.  You will not be disappointed!"

Andrea Seward, Woodbury, CT


"I brought my grandmother's wedding set to Robert Lang Jewelers many months ago.  This was my first impression.  It was easy to quickly feel comfortable with Robert.  He became my jeweler and friend.  One day I walked into his shop and immediately went to the new Arpaia collection.  I was in awe.  The pieces were beautiful.  At first I admired from afar and even dream of owning one necklace.  The dream continue, so I went back to Robert and said I wanted to be blessed with the extraordinary piece of art.  Without even meeting the artist, the creator of this beauty, I felt a connection to her work.  You can feel the love that has been incorporated into each peice.  Once owning the necklace, feeling so special when it adorns my neck and the many compliments, I decided to invest in earrings created in the same design.  Then the bracelet....  This collection is unique and beautiful, but also created with a sense of peace and love, because that is how it makes me feel."

Dawn Cooluris, Cheshire, CT


"I bought a necklace from Arpaia Fine Jewelry on Mother's Day for my wife.  My wife loved it immediately.  It was a beautiful piece of jewelry of the highest quality.   It was simple, elegant and unique.  I highly recommend Arpaia Fine Jewelry."

Michael J. Laden, Esq., Cheshire, CT



"I am the owner of three pieces of jewelry from the Arpaia Fine Jewelry Collection.  I am very impressed with the workmanship and creativity of my collection; they are exquisite pieces for which I receive compliments every time I wear them.  I love these pieces and treasure having them."

Renee Castiglione, Owner, Moda Hair Studio, Milford, CT


"I love my Arpaia Fine Jewelry originals ~ they're gorgeous! Kimberly's fine eye for detail and her insistence on using only the best materials available in the marketplace combine to make jewelry that feels like a dream and looks like you've spent a fortune.  I've never seen any other original work where the artisan can create such exquisite pieces that really are wearable works of art."

Linda M., Cheshire, CT 


"Each of my pieces are so beautifully designed and carefully crafted of the highest quality materials.  They look absolutely divine and are lighter than air to wear.  I receive so many compliments on their unique styling and sparkling appearance.   Wearing Arpaia Fine Jewelry pieces are now my greatest joy!  They are mood-enhancing, ranging from fun, light and sassy to long, classic and elegant.  Magnificent!"

Monica C., Easton, CT 

"I have been in the jewelry industry for 33 years, a Goldsmith of 16 years.  I find Arpaia Fine Jewelry to be outstanding in design and quality.  Her eye for beauty is an interpretation in jewelry that is only to love.  The craftsmanship is museum grade.  She combines the very best of mother nature’s gifts of the rivers, lakes and sea with the finest handmade component pieces and stunning Swarovski crystals.  Arpaia Fine Jewelry speaks of eloquent desire, rich passion and romantic indulgence!  I recommend owning a varied collection."

Respectfully, Robert J. Lang, Goldsmith and Owner of Robert J Lang Original Jewelry Design in Cheshire, CT




"It is wonderful to be able to give my wife such special, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.  I admire the skill it takes to create such intricate and beautiful designs--they are truly works of art."

Mark C., Easton, CT




"I was looking for a special gift for my wife for our 16th wedding anniversary.  Kim worked with us to design an amazing necklace and matching bracelet that perfectly express my wife's style and personality.  Her work is truly one-of-kind.  My wife couldn't be happier with her new jewelry and she receives compliments wherever she goes."

Chris D., Cheshire, CT 


"Kimberly Arpaia was one of my jewelry students.  Her patience and commitment to learning to make jewelry made her a star student.  Her technique is spot on, and the quality of her work is phenomenal.  She is an absolute pleasure to do business with.  You can be sure that the jewelry you purchase from Kimberly is going to be of the highest quality.  I would recommend Arpaia Designs to anyone."

Kristen LaViola, Owner, Manifest Beads, Milford, CT 


"Kimberly Arpaia, truly saved the day for me. I was looking for a specific gift for a dear friend's 50th Birthday and when I Goggled "Pink Pearls" I was fortunate to have "Arpaia Fine Jewelry" come up. It was hard for me to focus on my friend's gift because I wanted something for me. I put myself aside and after working with Kimberly we came up with the perfect custom gift. I called on a Monday from Tucson, Arizona and had the gift by Friday. Kimberly was so accommodating I felt like a fairy took charge for me. It even came wrapped. I told the story of her customer service to many people and I know I will call her in the future. Next time, with more notice."

Renee C., Tucson, Arizona